A solution for kids in crisis…

Mercy Youth Home is an amazing residential facility for kids experiencing trauma. I was in shock at how amazing the 127 year old organization was in terms of their purpose, their motives and the ways in which they support their kids. They stress the significance of education on the kids by providing tutoring and 100% college tuition while also creating a safe haven for them.  Even watching the promotional video and listening to the success stories brought me to tears. If I was a millionaire I would gladly invest in Mercy Youth and I was very impressed by how efficiently thy utilize their money and support all their kids with about 27 million dollars a year. 


We spent the second half of the day canvassing for Mercy Youth Home in a different neighborhood. One thing that I found interesting was how some people would walk right past us like they didn’t notice our existence and others would be genuinely rude. It helped me reevaluate how I would perhaps treat homeless people on a daily basis. Some food for thought; we must acknowledge our citizens regardless of their class, social status or appearance.

I had a lot of fun today and I cant wait to see what tomorrow brings! Image


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