We must strive for education not incarceration!

Its 1:00 am and I cant sleep. Thought I would do one more blog post about Kimberly, our guest panelist who spoke about the vitality of education and effective ways of being an educator. I was pleased to learn about how to build our capacity for creative thought and problem solving as well as how we can create a scenario that stands strong because “students learn better in a heterogeneous environment.” As I mentioned in the meeting, one of my many dreams / goals is to one day open a school in my native country Ethiopia where education in the rural parts of the country is scarce. Although the system is completely different to the one here in the US, her advice was very helpful and thought provoking.  


She advised us the importance of always taking the road that leads to self actualization and how we must teach people as holistically as possible. With about a million students in the Chicago Public Schools system that cant be an easy task. Im grateful to have met and spent time listening to Kimberly this evening and her powerful words will always resonate in my mind. “In order for people to be free they have to have education and not just emancipation therefor we must strive for education not incarceration.” 


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